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Robin Gary Wood was born in the northeastern United States.  He was raised in the farmlands and woodlands of this area.  He attended "The New York City High School of Art & Design."He worked his way through high school at the Will Kaplan Advertising Company on Fifth  Avenue.  Later he worked at an advertising agency for pharmaceuticals as production manager.  

He served his military obligation in the 287th Military Police Company; Special Troops, in Berlin, Germany.  After this, he returned to Manhattan and worked for  "John Wiley Publishing" which published primarily college text books.   He advanced to "Crowell, Collier and MacMillan: special projects division, on Third Avenue and 53rd Street.  He used the GI Bill and enrolled in the college of medicine in "New York University," Washington Square Campus.  

After two years, he changed his major to Fine Art.  He re-located to Bruxelles and attended "Alliance François," and the Art Atelier at the "Abbey de la Cambre," then moving to Paris for several years.  He studied at the "Ecole des Beaux Arts", the "American University of Paris", and the "Académie de Port Royal" among others. 

He has traveled extensively through-out the Caribbean, Italy, Scotland, England, Germany, France, Switzerland. Austria. Morocco, Egypt and East Africa.  His education and contact with many cultures, arm him with influences for his art.  He is prolific and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections., he works primarily for charitable organizations.  Robin lives simultaneously in Clearwater, Florida....and San Sebastian, in the south of France, with his family of choice and his two Labradors…"Dakota" and "Montana."

Now, in his later years ....he is an advocate for good health....physically, emotionally and spiritually.  He considers this the best part of his life and is independent and very happy.  Rob is reflected in the legacy of his paintings.

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