Artist-Painter - Company Message
These. Three have been the most unsupportive people throughout my entire life and to any thing good i did in life and art.  Daffy....convicted felon (theft of art collection of over 5o works.)
Aileen....aggressive altheimers                    (theft of my house)                                  Fatso Kevin.....violent drug addict.               (theft of my computer....which caused the cancellation of the gallery opening.)     
Thou shall not bear false witness.....well these three did as much!                      "Lovely Threesome!                I have tried to ignore them for over a decade.....they are computer bullies and they are like parasites.  My father told me just before he died "that there is no love between any of them....they just wait around to stab each other in the back."  That was my experience with them....often.  I am grateful for these lifelong they made me grateful for my other relationships.
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